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Owner and Piano Teacher of Garcia Music Academy

I started piano lessons at the age of five after my aunt gifted my family with an upright piano, and I loved it! By fifth grade, my teacher encouraged me to participate in the piano competitions at my school and did so up to my senior year of high school. Along the way, I picked up learning clarinet, violin, and guitar as well. By age thirteen, I began offering beginner piano lessons to the children at my church. Ten years later, I'm so encouraged to hear from them that they are still involved somehow in the music ministry at their local churches.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Bob Jones University in South Carolina, and after college, I came back to Illinois and began teaching at the private K-12 Christian school that I graduated from. My first year, I began teaching general preschool and elementary music classes, junior choir, and private piano lessons. Later on, I even gained experience teaching junior high and high school handbells, high school choir, as well as three different levels of band. While I'm grateful for the opportunity to have taught in the classroom setting for five years, I was ready to pursue my passion in studio teaching, full time. I truly enjoy the opportunities to build relationships with students and be a part of and witness the musical progress that they make!

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